Reliable WordPress Security

So you can focus on what you do best

Hackers, brute forcers, and malicious bots are no match for the mighty WordPress security shields and cloaking technology.

Get Started Blocking The Bad Guys With The Help Of These Features

  • Scheduled security scans
  • Login protection and masking
  • Audit Logging
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Blocklist monitoring
  • Vulnerability reports
  • Changed file restore and repair

Scheduled Security Scans

Conduct regular security scans, which can assist admins with important security details like suspicious activity, and how to resolve issues in bulk.

2-Factor Authentication

Join millions who safeguard their accounts with two-factor authentication. Activate 2FA to protect your account through both your password and phone.

Audit Logging

Tired of mysterious breakages or the slowing down of your site? Keep detailed logs of every user action with the Audit Log feature to ensure things are running as they should.

Instant Email Alerts

Never be left in the dark, with customized reports and automated email notifications about your security sent directly to you.

IP Lockout

Brute force attacks are no match with an IP Lockout system. Protect your site with a manual and automatic IP ban, and allowlist control.

Login Masking

Better secure your default login URL. Make it tougher for bots to find your login screen with a unique slug. Hooray for less spam to your customers!

Brute Force Protection

Brute force attacks are no match. Permanently ban IP’s or trigger a timed lockout after a set number of failed login attempts.

Vulnerability Reports

Be notified when there’s a security issue or problem. Run surveillance and send notifications with the information that matters.


Harden your site’s security in one click with strong defensive security recommendations suited best for your online presence.

Security Headers

Add an extra layer of defense and protect against common attacks like: XSS, code injection, and more.

Google reCAPTCHA

Add reCAPTCHA to your login, registration, and password reset pages to help protect from fraud and abuse.

Pwned Password Check

Entered passwords are checked against public database breach records.

Force Password Reset

Force all users with selected roles to reset their password if you suspect a possible data breach on your site.

User Agent Banning

Add user agents to a block or allow-list to stop bad bots spamming your site. Easy set up, no editing of .htaccess files required.

Geolocation Blocking

Easily integrate with the GEO IP Database to ban countries and protect your site from hackers and bots in a specific location.

Let’s Work Smarter, Not Harder With White label Support

Are you are a creative professional or agency that already has a WordPress based service, and you would like to extend your SEO service? We can provide you or your agency with all these features, to help your clients SEO.

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